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At Infini we offer you high-end solutions in the following areas:

Software & IT


Mobile apps

Services oriented to maximize the productivity of your organization, getting the most of software resources and technological tools.
We are increasingly moving more. Smartphones, tablets, ultra portable laptops and cloud computing ensure we can access information at all times. This evolution in the way we consume information is a golden opportunity which, if well used, can catapult the scope of your web and systems to new standards.

In Infini we understand the importance of these new medium, so we remain at the forefront by offering development services applications for mobile devices, connected to your systems, thus facilitating the execution of critical processes and maximizing the availability of your information. Regardless of the operating system used –iOS, Android o Windows Phone– we can assure you that with us, your application or mobile service shall be at the height of quality you and your audience deserve.